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With the continuous development of modern power electronics technology and the emergence of more and more innovative technologies, switching power supply technology has been rapidly improved in continuous innovation. With the current technology of power electronics, not only can The switch tube is turned on for control, and the time ratio of the off time can be controlled. Even a power source that can effectively maintain the stability of the output voltage is called a switching power supply. Moreover, these power supplies are very small and lightweight, but they can generate high efficiency, so they are often used in various electronic devices.

Among these switching power supplies, there is a general-purpose switching power supply, and the indoor switching power supply can be applied to many occasions, and is not specific to a certain type of equipment. Typically, this type of power supply has an output voltage range of 85 volts to 265 volts. In some industrial automation control, technology equipment, industrial equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation, military equipment, etc., these switching power supplies are used in these fields, and these power supplies are more versatile, so they are particularly popular among consumers. Favor.